Take our short, free Quiz and explore some of the most intriguing and confusing questions about spirituality and religion. The Quiz will also help you better understand your beliefs about Whatever Created Life.

Once you have taken the Quiz six Principles are then discussed that will help you explore and better understand how your beliefs about this may be affecting your life, all of which you can then download as a beautiful, free ebook.

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What others say about this quiz:

(Comments, names reprinted with permission)

“Reading the questions opened my heart and my mind to a deeper level than I could have even imagined.”  (Catskills)

"I think some of your questions are very thought provoking. Sincerity & happiness versus being right ... I didn't know you could be happy without being right. lol. Thanks for making me think." 

“Beautiful and insightful, this quiz has left a precious jewel with me, thank you.”  (Keilayn)

"It's a soul searching kind of quiz."

“I think you have asked the appropriate questions for someone who wants to build a relationship with God. Thank you”

"I think the quiz is great - just the questions alone got me thinking and made me realize maybe I'm more spiritual than I think!"

"I believe in being with God my way but lost my everyday way to express my prayers and conversation with God. This quiz will help me."

"It is a good test, best I could imagine about so mysterious and difficult a subject. Thank you!"  (Mike)

"You did a good job and the thought part basically proved God to me. I've been wavering but it's so clear now." (Warren)

"Very interesting and to the heart of it. I liked it very much!" (Rebecca)

"You guys have an amazing website. This is the first quiz I have ever taken about finding God. Doing this quiz helped me to understand the words swirling around in my head and made them more organized and understandable ... like I already had the answers I needed, but you helped bring them out with the questions. Thank you. This means so much to me today:)." (Stephanie)

             All Beliefs Work               When Held With Balance

You can have a fulfilling relationship with your higher power through any set of beliefs provided you hold your beliefs with balance.  

Beliefs can be a cornerstone of your inner peace and happiness or your beliefs can disempower you and sap your resources as they close your heart, separate you from others and divide your nation.

Why is it that some people can hold beliefs with balance but others cannot? It’s because with beliefs you are attempting to balance your mind and your heart, and many people never figure out how to maintain that balance in a healthy way.

The mind and heart are always competing over how to hold and express beliefs. The mind needs beliefs to be true while the heart needs beliefs to open it to love, but you can never fully satisfy both those needs. (Why not is explained in the Principles after you take the Quiz.) So that forces you to make choices that favor either your mind or your heart, and the choices you make about that are what create balance in your life.

This web site is for helping you make choices about your beliefs that result in a healthy balance of your mind and your heart. To that end you first take a short Quiz that helps you better understand your beliefs. Then based on your answers to  the Quiz, the Principles then provide suggestions about how you might adjust your beliefs so that your life is more balanced and fulfilling.