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What Others Say About The Quiz
(Reprinted with permission)

“Reading the questions opened my heart and my mind to a deeper level than I could have even imagined.”  (Catskills)

"I think some of your questions are very thought provoking. Sincerity & happiness versus being right ... I didn't know you could be happy without being right. lol. Thanks for making me think." 

“Beautiful and insightful, this quiz has left a precious jewel with me, thank you.”  (Keilayn)

"You guys have an amazing website. This is the first quiz I have ever taken about this stuff. Doing this quiz helped me to understand the words swirling around in my head and made them more organized and understandable ... like I already had the answers I needed, but you helped bring them out with the questions. Thank you. This means so much to me today:)."  (Stephanie)

"It is a good test, best I could imagine about so mysterious and difficult a subject. Thank you!"  (Mike)

"Very interesting and to the heart of it. I liked it very much!"  (Rebecca)


Quiz Introduction 

This Quiz is designed to help you better understand your beliefs about Whatever Created Life. 

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to the Quiz. Instead the Quiz works best if you just answer with the simple truth of who you are.

Following the Quiz, six Principles are then discussed that will help you explore and better understand how your beliefs may be affecting your life. When you are finished you can then download a beautiful, free ebook that contains the Principles and your answers to the Quiz. 

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Having beliefs about Whatever Created Life forces you to navigate some hazardous terrain. It forces you to deal with your arrogance and your desire for power. You must also deal with your mind’s craving for certainty. And you are forced to choose between being right and having an open heart. 

Further, different ways of holding beliefs result in different outcomes. For example, if you expect certainty from your beliefs that can close your heart, separate you from others, and create divisions – even holy war – in your society.

So approach beliefs with caution, unflinching honesty, and trust in yourself. And most importantly, remember that your relationship with life and with Whatever Created Life depend on you treating others the way you want them to treat you. If you don’t do that, all this becomes just another bunch of empty words. 

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